Thursday, April 12, 2018

Exploring artifacts from the ocean

Students used their scientific eyes to look closely at these artifacts from the ocean. They choose three that interested them and drew them. After drawing they used their computer to research the names of what they drew. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Algae blooms

After hearing about our learning on run off and how things like nitrogen and phosphorus are causing algae blooms in our waterways Mr. Shilling created a science experiment for us. He used different types of fertilizer combinations that are used for hydroponics, water and some rocks that may have some algae on them from a nearby fish tank. We are hypothesizing that one of these combinations (with the help of a grow lamp) will begin to grow its very own algae bloom! 

Students try to clean up an “oil spill”

Students brainstormed ideas on how they could remove the oil from the water in their "ocean."

Students discovered that it is very hard to remove the oil from the water.

Monday, March 19, 2018


March 19, 2018
Dear 3rd & 4th Grade Parents and Guardians,
Spring is almost here on the calendar but we still have so much snow!  
The students don’t seem to mind though and continue to have fun at recess sledding,
digging and building in the snow.   With that being said, please continue to send
students to school with all their winter gear.
Students have been “diving in” to their learning about the ocean.  We have learned
what makes up an ecosystem as well as what are the biotic and abiotic factors.  Also,
we have been reading about one of the most important ocean ecosystems, the coral
reef. At the beginning of the month we had a guest speaker visit to discuss how
landfills work and the importance of using them properly so that our land and oceans
do not become more polluted.  The learning from this will be expanded on later in our
PBL lessons.
This week students will only be responsible for reading homework.  This week during
our math block students will begin the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium)
Math assessment.   This will be a check in on all the learning that students have done this
year and in previous years in mathematics. It is important that students are well rested this
week and at school each morning.  Reading homework will be due this Thursday.
This Thursday will be an early release day.  Dismissal will be at 12:50, please let us know
if you have different dismissal plans for your child for that day.  Also, students will not
have school this Friday, March 23, due to teacher inservice.  Thinking ahead we would like
you to mark your calendar for Parent Teacher Conferences on Friday, April 6, 2018.  
Students will not have school that day because teachers will be meeting with families all
day for conferences. More information about scheduling parent teacher conferences will
be sent out in the coming weeks.  
Additionally, if you would like to order from the Scholastic Book Order please send that
in by Thursday morning.  
Ms. Daye and Mrs. Raynor

(802)563-2289  ext 216, 244

Friday, March 9, 2018

Landfill and Pollution Guest Speaker

Third and fourth graders welcomed Shannon from Northeast Kingdom Waste Management to their classroom today to learn about trash and the effects it has on our world.  This will be connected to our Ocean PBL unit as we learn about ocean pollution and ways to help keep our Oceans clean.   

While Shannon presented students took notes using words, phrases or sentences.   

Students also worked in groups to create small
Landfills of trash.   They will observe the landfills over a period of time and record their observations of how food and trash break down in our land.   

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ocean Learning

Students read and write to learn more about the ecosystems that make up the ocean.